Art activities

All my work has been realized in collaboration with my husband Wim Klein Haneveld, my partner in Art and Garden

2019: ‘Ziggurat’, paper pyramid, stairway-shaped, in the Garden of Time

2018: ‘House of Plato’, a building of mirror and paper, in the Garden of Time

2016: ‘Reest in Reflection’, heart-shaped wave of mirror along and in the stream the Reest in the biennial Art Route ‘Grensloos Kunstverkennen’ in the Reest-valley, IJhorst NL

2016:  The Garden of Time was additional location of the international Landart  route ‘Into Nature-Art Expedition’ in Drenthe, NL

2015: Organisation of exhibition ‘Mij een Zorg’ in  Tynaarlo, NL

2015: On behalf of the province Drenthe participant on ‘Symposion Gorinchem’, 5yearly national event of geometrical art with ‘Staand Water’  the words ‘standing water’ in mirror on the old bastion, along the historical military flooded strip of land of Gorinchem, NL

2015: Participant  project ‘Sculpture by the Sea’, Aarhus, Denmark,  with ´Looking to a secret world´ little mirrors in the wood along the sea. Nomination for the ‘Aarhus Pris’ of the specialist jury of the Aros Museum, Denmark

2014: Sketch for redesigning an inner garden of hospital UMCG, Groningen, NL

2014: Realisation  of a permanent underground filmproject ‘Moving Landscape’ in collaberation with the Dutch visual artist Wout van Mullem in the Garden of Time

2014: Organisation and participation of the exhibition ‘Stil(l)even’ in Tynaarlo, NL

2013: ‘Terugblik’. Solo retrospective exhibition in pictures in Gallery The Window , Utrecht, NL

2013:  Participation on International ‘Werkstattwoche’ with the work ´Window on a woman´s life’ on invitation of Kulturverein Wittingen, Germany

2013: Landart installation of mirrors in the wood ‘It is not what you see’ in project SacVal in Conie Molitard  in the surroundings  of  Chartres, France

2013: ‘The Metabolism of the Earth’ (“Stofwisseling van de aarde”), commission of the municipality Tynaarlo for the townhall. The role of water in the origin of the landscape, specially in the origin of the ‘Hondsrug, a ridge beneath the Garden of Time. After half a year this  scalemodel of  dripping water on soil of the municipality Tynaarlo has been moved to the Garden of Time.

2013:  During the complete Passion Time the work ‘Het Godvormig Gat, een pieta voor de consumptiemaatschappij’ (“The God-shaped Hole, a pieta for the Consumption Society”)  has been exhibited in the Jacobus Church in Zeerijp, NL

2012:  Series of lectures on ‘Landart, through the Ages’ on invitation on various locations in the North of the Netherlands

2012: Twofold Landart ‘Wacht op my’ , (wait for me), in the exhibition ‘Narcissus’ of the Dutch society of Sculpture (NkvB) in Park Groot Vijversburg  bij Tytsjerk, NL

2012: Landart with the word ‘Gloed’, glowing,  near the Jacobus Church in Pentecost project ‘Feest van de Geest 2012’, Zeerijp, NL

2012: ‘Staand Water’ (standing water), words  of mirror on culturalhistorical monument De Waterburcht in Eelde, in the intermedial project “Dorp Vol Verhalen”.

2011: Permanent artwork of mirrors in the wood  ‘Regarde par la petite fenêtre’, Pole Land Art Departemental, Copponex,  in de Haute Savois, France Internationale Biennale, see The work has been realised in cooperation with the residents of Ferme de Chosal, a large carefarm,France

2011: Organisation and participation of Summer Exhibition  in De Melkfabriek in Bunne, with local union of artists VTNL with the work ´Quo Vadis´  (where to ?), boat builded from found objects, Bunne, NL

2010:  Word in mirror  ‘Espace’ (space) on the dike of the Rhone Canal  Artroute  Plaine de l’Abbaye in Villeneuve Lez Avignon, France

2010: ‘VorÜber, Vorbei’,  220  very small mirrors as fireflies along the railway. Artroute ‘Draisine im Hasetal’ in Bippen, Germany

2010: ‘Inspiratie’, carpet of mirror and red glass in the Pentecost project Feest van de Geest 2010 in Bovensmilde, NL

2010: Organisation of the interdisciplinary art project ‘PLAGGEN’  with the local union of artists VTNL in Tynaarlo. Work of mirrors with the words ‘Ruimte, Wacht, Stilte’  (space, wait, silence) on the skirting board of the townhall of Tynaarlo. NL

2009: Selected for the Landart project ‘Fluxation’ in Turku in Finland .

2009: Second place in the competition for a permanent object and landdesign with a ‘Motte’ defence tower of bricks with a frieze in mirror with the words  ‘ spring, summer, autumn, winter and..’ in Coevorden NL

2009: ‘Wacht op my’ (wait for me) Floating Art work in the Art route  ‘Siver’ in Zeewolde, NL

2009: Large work of mirror ‘Zonneroos’ in the Garden of Time as contribution to the art route ‘Me and my Lanscape’, Tynaarlo, NL

2009: Exhibition Gallery VanderVeen ‘Space has always reduced me to silence’, with artists collective 6packART, with the work ‘Qua patet orbis’ ( zo wijd de wereld strekt), a work of boats built from found objects, Assen, NL

2008/ 2009: “The God-shaped Hole, a pieta for the Consumption Society” (“Het Godvormig Gat, een pieta voor de consumptiemaatschappij”) in Galley  VanderVeen in Assen, de Noorderkerk in Amsterdam en in Lonneker, NL

2008: Organisation Art Manifestation ‘10 Years TYNAARLO’ with local union of artists VTNL  in Tynaarlo, NL

2008: Exhibition in Paris: Galerie de l’Université Americaine on Landart in Jaujac, France

2008: ‘Réflexion’, work of art with mirrors in chestnutwood, on International Landart route “Sur mon chemin un artiste passe”, in Jaujac, Ardèche, France

2007: Participation Land Art project ‘Reflecties’  with ‘Sluis in Spiegelschrift’  (lock in mirrorwriting), Orvelte, NL

2007: Participation on exhibition of photographs, connected to ‘Noorderlicht’, withe the series ‘Huivering van de tijd’ (shudder of time) on megalithic tombs at Guernsey, in Roden NL. In 2009 bought by the municipality of Tynaarlo, NL

2007: ´Mirrored Wood`, installation of more than 500 mirrors on 50 trees , as part of the International Landartproject ‘Groene Revolutie’  of Natuurkunst Drenthe in Schoonoord, NL. Included in the book ‘500 x Art in Public’  in 2012 , giving rise to the nomination of art price Turino 2018, Italy

2007: ‘Spiegelend Oog’  (eye of reflection) larg work of mirrors around a round pond. On invitation for the manifestation ‘Kunst te Gast’ ,Zuidhorn, NL

2007: Participation on the International Conference  ‘Art in Nature’, in Shekesvehervar, Hungary

2006: Final Examination exhibition, Academy of Arts, Minerva, Groningen, NL