Garden of Time

Address: Paasveen 2,  9496TA, Bunne, NL.

Permanent exhibition of Land Art. The garden is inspired by the garden ‘Little Sparta’ by the Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finley, and the landscape artists Goldsworthy and Penone.

In the Garden of Time  time is measured in light, caught in reflective surfaces of mirrors and water, and lines of view into the surrounding landscape.

This domain of nearly 1 ha for new Land Art is constantly evolving. The garden of Time is inspired by  the artists Hamilton Finley, Goldworthy and Penone. 

The program includes a tour in the garden, with explanation on the  sculptures and the traces of the history of the landscape ‘Bunneres’, the authentic name of this part of the Geopark De Hondsrug.

The reception area also accommodates a permanent exhibition of my international Land Art projects.

The garden of time is partnered with